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Tool Testing Rubrics

USCutter Laserpoint II (Vinyl Cutter)

Digital Fabrication Equipment List

Vinyl Cutter Specifications: LaserPoint II Specs Manual: LaserPoint II Setup Page Vinyl Cutte...


Style Guide

Print Logos TIFF: 300 dpi regular is here. TIFF: 300 dpi transparent bg with black outline stro...

Donations at Electronics & Robotics

Electronics and Robotics

Stranded wire, 24 AWG, red and black especially Solder for circuit boards Breadboards Arduin...

Working in the Wood Shop

Woodworking Introduction to the Wood Shop

Health & Safety The Artisan's Asylum staff and community has implemented a comprehensive che...

Resources Available in Electronics & Robotics Shop

Electronics and Robotics

Eight soldering stations (donated by ThermalTronics) Two autonomous Pololu Zumo Robots (donate...

Basic E&R Use Rules

Electronics and Robotics

Classroom and Asylum events take precedence over projects. Do not leave projects unlabeled - u...

Basic E&R safety rules

Electronics and Robotics

In addition to the basic safety rules for all shops: ABSOLUTELY no eating and/or drinking in ...

Floorplan, and photos of the benches, circa 2019

Electronics and Robotics


Inventory Electronics & Robotics, May 2019

Electronics and Robotics

Use the sidebar to open the .pdf of the inventory file. Things change, but it should give you an ...

Metal Casting- Main Page

Metal Casting

Welcome to the metal casting shop! We have a vacuum casting setup with a kiln, vent hood for inv...

Milling machine

Machine Shop Machine Shop Tools

This is a milling machine!  

Machine Shop Rules and Orientation

Machine Shop

Welcome to the Artisan’s Asylum machine shop! We’re a community workshop and we rely on each oth...

Rental Space Rules

Facilities Information

Thank you for your interest in renting space at Artisan's Asylum! Studio and storage spaces are a...

Filabot Extruder and Respooler System

Digital Fabrication Equipment List

NOTE: Email the Shop Lead if you would like to experiment with the Filabot Extruder the Respooler...

Next Engine 3D Laser Scanner

Digital Fabrication Equipment List

3D Last Scanner Specifications: NextEngine 3D Laser Scanner Specs Manual: OEM Support page 3D S...

Formlabs Form 2

Digital Fabrication Equipment List

  Formlabs Form 2 with Wash and Cure Printer Specifications: Build Area: 145 × 145 × 175 ...

Tool Testing - What to Expect

Membership Futures

A place to gather, refine and share ideas about membership structure, fees, and add-ons such as s...

New Member Handbook

A guidebook to help you get your bearings as a new member at Artisan's Asylum


Artisan's Asylum is incorporated in the state of Massachusetts. We are recognized by the IRS as a...

Communication, Networking and IT

As much happens online at the Asylum as happens in our shops. This has been made more true during...

Move Planning

A place for the Move Planning Team to gather, refine and share resources. The team can be reached...

Public Art

A place for the Public Art Team to gather, refine and share ideas for exterior and interior art. ...


A place for the Safety team to gather, refine and share information about the health and safety n...

Welcome Project

A place to gather, refine and share ideas related to how Artisan's fosters a welcoming, inclusive...

Stratasys Dimension Elite

Digital Fabrication Equipment List

Dimension Elite Printer Specifications: Extruder Type: Build Area:    Unique Fea...

Space Design

Mission of this group is to provide input into the design and arrangement of studios, common area...

Artisan's to Allston Overview

In this section you'll find an introduction to our phased move process as well as a list of membe...

General Overview

A summary of the big areas of activity, and how to get involved.

Email Lists and Groups

See what Artisan's Asylum Email lists are available and learn how to join them

Markforged Mark 2

Digital Fabrication Equipment List

Markforged Mark 2 Printer Specifications: Extruder Type: Dual Extruder, custom nozzles B...

Prusa MK3S

Digital Fabrication Equipment List

Prusa i3 Mk3 Printer Specifications: Extruder Type: Single Extruder, Brass Build Area: 9.8...

New Page

Style Guide

Colors that we use on the web and in our promotional and instructional material.   Adobe Swat...