Working in the Wood Shop

Health & Safety

The Artisan's Asylum staff and community has implemented a comprehensive check-in protocol and other safety measures to ensure we are all doing everything we can to stay safe and stay open. Please give your full attention to the requirements and guidelines. Read the original Blog post from July 20, 2020


Whether your time here is long or short, from the moment you walk into the shop you become a community member, and part of what makes this maker space possible. Ours is a culture of mutual respect and empathy. Everything you do matters to the person that comes in after you. Make yourself feel at ease from the start by having the right information and perspective before you enter the shop. Read More now.

Use the Tools

Tool Testing is required to use all stationary and hand held power tools. There are three ways to get certified.

  • Classes to make something

  • Tool Training Classes

  • “Challenge” a tool test

Makers and professionals with enough experience in a wood shop environment and the tools they intend to use may request a conversation about having a Tool Test without taking instruction. However, certain tools are still excluded from that option. Note that wood shop personnel may not be available at the time to accommodate the request.

Use the Space

You may bring your own power and hand tools and use the space. Decide on the type of membership you need based on the days of the week and time of day you plan to work. Send an e-mail to teach at Artisan's Asylum dot com (leave out spaces and the apostrophe) describing your shop experience and the project(s) you plan to work on. The education office will notify the Shop Lead or other shop member and someone will contact you. Browse through the Wiki here to learn what is expected of you as a shop community member, and how to get most any questions you have answered efficiently.

Take Classes & Training

Class sizes are small to keep enough social distance. Most Tool Training and Tool Testing is limited to private sessions. Some class and shop areas allow two to five students and one instructor.

What to Do to Get Started

  • Purchase a membership or Day Pass

  • Take a class or tool training class

  • Get tested on the tools you want to use

  • Register on Skedda, then make a reservation for a work bench