Your First Month

Artisan's Asylum can be an intimidating place, with the size and scope being more than enough to spook even seasoned members.  And while we don't intend for it to feel like a haunted house, we understand it can come off that way.

That being said, there are definitely some suggestions we have for getting yourself settled in during your first month here.

Get to know your neighbors

Artisan's Asylum is full of dozens of people who make, just like you, and all of them are a friendly bunch who 

Get involved on the Forums

While it may feel like the Artisan's community is just bound to the building, we have a significant online community as well, which folds in non-members and members alike. located at, our Forums are a great place to show off your work, hang out with other members, discuss the goings on in the world, and even find work through how its made.