Zone Captains


Zone Captains play an important role facilitating a smooth member move from Artisan’s home at 10 Tyler Street to our new home at 55 Antwerp and 96 Holton. The role of captains is to motivate and coordinate member moving - both out of Tyler Street and into our Antwerp and Holton locations. The Zone Captains will play a big part in supporting communication between Artisan’s staff and volunteers - especially the Move team.

There are two kinds of captains, a “sending” captain and a “receiving” captain. Sending captains support members with studios to pack, prepare and clean out their studios in a timely fashion. Receiving captains help members who are moving into either the Antwerp or Holton street location to find their reserved studio, coordinate their move-in, and provide up to date information about logistics.

Zone captains will work with assigned move team members to ensure prompt and accurate communication of schedule changes, resolve potential contention for resources (equipment, loading dock or volunteers) and to manage any moving schedule exceptions.

Zone captains will be asked to participate in a training and orientation program at each location. The anticipated duration of service is six months:

  • Sending captains, May through October 2021
  • Receiving captains, July through December 2021

Sending Captains (Tyler Street)

Move facilitation:
  • Ensure move deadlines and 90/60/30 day notices are communicated to zone renters
  • Maintain and update a master move list (who is moving where, and when, based on destination zones)
  • Ensure that any stored personal items are properly labeled and stored
  • Work with studio members and move team  to manage exceptions (those cases where the renter will not be available to move on the scheduled date)
  • Coordinate with studio members to obtain and share resources (truck rentals, dismantling or  packing assistance)
  • Facilitate volunteer help for members requiring assistance to pack and move 
  • Liaise with Move team contact to understand dates and communicate exceptions
Clean-up facilitation:
  • Ensure zone members dismantle and dispose of structures they plan not to move
  • Ensure that studio renters leave studio spaces  in “Broom-clean” condition after move
Zone accountability
  • Five Tyler Street Sending Zone Captains needed
    • Captain T1 is accountable for Zone T1 - pallet, rack, and shelf storage
    • Captain T2 is accountable for Zone T2 - 33 Studios
    • Captain T3 is accountable for Zone T3 - 40 Studios
    • Captain T4 is accountable for Zone T4 - 43 Studios
    • Captain T5 is accountable for Zone T5 - 44 Studios


Receiving Captains (Antwerp and Holton Street)

  • Compile a complete list of all members moving into their responsible zone.
  • Work with sending Captains to develop and maintain the Master Move List
  • Mark locations with masking tape and signage on the floor and/or walls where member goods are to be stored 
    • Work with move team and facilities to ensure planned locations will not interfere with any remaining fit-up work
  • Work with Sending Captains to understand any specialized member handling or storage needs (large or fragile items). Ensure that there is a plan and location to safely handle and store these items 
  • Ensuring that renters route their goods to the correct destination locations 
  • Resolve any mis-delivered or mis-labeled items
  • Keep track of members goods if any movement of pallets is necessary within building during fit-up/build-out
  • Work with Facilities to temporarily mark planned studio locations on the floor as final destination of member goods
  • Confirm receipt and overall condition of delivered goods to renters’ studio location post-build-out (document with photos)
Zone Accountability:
  • Two Antwerp Street Receiving Zone Captains needed
    • Captain A1 is accountable for Zone A1 (33 studios)
    • Captain A2 is accountable for Zone A2 (36 studios)



  • Three Antwerp Street Zone Captains needed
    • Captain H1 is accountable for Zone H1 (27 studios) 
    • Captain H2-3 is accountable for Zone H2 (16 studios) and Zone H3 (13 studios) for a total of 29 studios
    • Captain H4-5 is accountable for Zone H4 (21 studios) and Zone H5 (13 studios) for a total of 34 studios