Move Update + Volunteer Opportunity - 050721

Hi Artisans!

Now that our current community has had an opportunity to select a studio at our new home, we’re looking for volunteers to be our Moving Zone Captains.  There are two kinds of captains, a “sending” captain and a “receiving” captain. Sending captains will work with studio members to prepare to move. schedule their move date and time in the master move list, and clean out their studios per the move schedule. Receiving captains will work with sending Captains to coordinate moves using the master move list, define and mark designated storage areas in their destination zone, help members find their designated storage area, layout studio locations and provide up to date information about logistics.  We think that being a resident of the zone you captain would be beneficial, but not necessary. If you’d like more information, please checkout detailed descriptions of these volunteer opportunities.  To volunteer, email with your name, sending or receiving captain, and preferred zone(s).  Thanks!

As mentioned in our last update, the contractors will obviously do their best to stick to the schedule, but keep in mind that there may be slippage. At last contact with Harvard, the Antwerp Street buildout is proceeding as planned, but the current tenant of Holton Street has not finalized their move out date, so it is possible that build-out and member access to Holton Street may change from the current schedule assumptions.  We’ll announce more details as soon as we have them.

We also want to clearly state that during the move, any member belongings, studio structures, and the like will need to be stored for 2-3 months depending on your move week and how the buildout progresses.  If you choose to store in the new location, your belongings will be palletized and will be inaccessible to you during that time period.  This is because we are moving in while internal construction is still happening.  We won’t have continual building access during buildout, and when we do have access, many pallets worth of Artisan’s Asylum cumulative property may be continually shifted around to keep out of the way of construction and cannot be unwrapped.

The best resource to keep updated on moving planning is the Move Planning Bookstack page, containing FAQs, maps, volunteer opportunities, and recent schedules.

Yuki/Sarah W

For the Moving Committee