Move schedule update - 040121

Hi Artisans!

Please mark your calendars in preparation to join us for the Artisan’s to Allston move dates listed here! 


Studio renters will receive communications in the near future in order to select a new studio before June 1st.  Your destination building (Antwerp St or Holton St) and zone number will determine which of the move constituencies you are in, which will in turn determine your move week. Please refer to the Bookstack Destination Moving Zone Reference page for additional information.

The moving committee is currently defining the volunteer roles necessary to move all of our shops, storage, studios, and other sundries according to a new and compressed moving timeline.  Leading these volunteers will be Sending Zone Captains and Receiving Zone Captains who will orchestrate moving stages according to given timelines, organize volunteers to help move those who need it, and make sure all items are successfully moved to their new homes.  Please keep your eyes peeled for future emails specifying these opportunities to help out!

Why the drastic move schedule update?  Negotiations with our current landlord have resulted in us paying our full rent to keep our entire space through October 31st.  The original plan was to phase out of buildings, giving us a break on our rent and more time to successfully move in an organized manner. Now, our plan is to leave our shops open as long as possible, with the goal of vacating Tyler Street by October 31. 

For those interested, here is a link to a high level view of the resulting Artisan’s to Allston schedule [link updated 8/30/21 to newest version to prevent confusion].  Please keep in mind that there is still uncertainty in this updated schedule due to construction, fit-up, and occupancy timelines.  Changes are likely as we learn details from contractors and our new landlords and we appreciate your understanding and flexibility!

Going forward, we’ll be updating the membership with moving details on a monthly basis, in addition to letting you know as soon as we can about any breaking news regarding schedules, volunteer opportunities, and the like.

The best resource to keep updated on moving planning is the Move Planning Bookstack page, containing FAQs, maps, and recent schedules, including information on our current shop closing, moving and phased reopening plans.

Yuki/Sarah W

For the Moving Committee