January Kick-off Email - 010821

Hello hello folks - reposting this note from the Move Planning team that went to your individual boxes yesterday.
As we begin the new year, the Move Planning Team is excited to share some preliminary details about our move. Even though it took us longer to get to a signed lease than Artisan's leadership would have liked, overall we're in a strong position to begin our planning. So, let's go!
The move planning team currently consists of Lars Torres, Chris Duval, Alan Kilian, Nick Anastasia, and Tony Dopazo. We're awaiting confirmation from a few other folks who signed up.
The move will happen in multiple phases, some sections of Tyler Street will be closed earlier than others. Our *provisional* timeline is as follows:
  • Purging and tear downs - We'll begin decommissioning some tools, shops and unused studio spaces beginning as early as March to open up storage space.
  • All Buildings - Miscellaneous items will moved to 100 Holton (Annex) beginning June 1, 2021
  • Buildings 11, 13 - Vacated by August 31, 2021
  • Buildings 8, 10 - Vacated by October 31, 2021
The new buildings will be ready for member occupancy in phases, one will open before the other. (This is not "opening" by which we mean accessible by the public). Our *provisional* timeline is:
  • 55 Antwerp - September 1, 2021
  • 96 Holton - December 1, 2021
Some Tyler st space will be converted to storage for members who are not yet able to move into the new building when their section of Tyler Street closes. At this time, no one is expected to have to store their stuff off-site, though it may have to be moved from your studio to designated temporary storage (such as pallet space) at Tyler Street before it can go to one of the new buildings.
Members are responsible for moving their own property and cleaning out their studio spaces when their building closes. Artisan's will be as supportive and facilitative as we can to create a "marketplace" or exchange for needs and services shared among members. We will also try to support activities like group truck rental.
A2 will be moving the shops and everything A2 owns; we will need a lot of volunteer help to do so. Some items will be moved to 100 Holton (our Annex) beginning in June. We'll be rolling out volunteer tools and schedules in the months ahead.
Please note that there are still a few things in motion, for example the exact terms of our lease extension and draw down. We'll share updates as soon as we have them.
We also know that we'll need a significant increase in our waste disposal and removal capacity. We're working with property management to develop that plan.
Members will have the opportunity for some fun along the way here. Ideas like a "Cruft Yard Sale" have been floated; we'll look to the community to energize, socialize, and coordinate these "social downsizing" activities.
So, start your engines - this is going to be exciting! Thank you in advance for your support and community spirit through this process.
- The Move Planning Team