Metal Shop Equipment List

Equipment available in the Metal Shop, In Alphabetical Order:


Abrasive Chop Saw

Angle Grinders

Band Saw, Horizontal

Band Saw, Portable

Belt Sander

Bench Grinder

Bender - Compact

Bender - Hydraulic Pipe

Bender - Tube

Bender - Tube Roller

Box and Pan Brake

Buffing Machine

Cold Saw

Compressed Air and Compressed Air Tools

Drill Press

Foot Shear (Jump Shear)

Hydraulic Bender (Hydraulic Press)


Oxy Acetylene Torches

Plasma Cutter, Hand Held

Slip Roll


        •     TIG
        •     MIG
        •     Spot Welder

For safety information and basic operating instructions on each tool, visit the online version of the Metal Shop Tool Manual. A paper copy is also available in the Metal Shop.