Staff and Lead Directory

This is a list of all the people around Artisan's that you would likely need to contact in order to get the information you require.

The staff are the people in charge of running Artisan's as a whole, and are generally the people you'll go to with general questions.  The Shop leads however are your point people for specific shops, and if you have questions related to those, your shop lead is your best bet.


Lars Torres - Executive Director -

Anne Wright - Education Director -

Chris Duval - Facilities Manager -

Kuvira Harley - IT Manager -

Shop Leads

Andrew Anselmo - E&R Co lead -

Michael Beach - E&R Co Lead -

Hackworth - Bike Shop/ SCUL Lead -

Sal Mancini - Woodshop Lead -

Dan Lauber - Machine Shop Co-Lead -

Doug Ruuska - Machine Shop  Co-Lead -

Rebecca Knepple - Digital Fabrication Lead - 

Brendan McGuirl - Metal Shop Lead -

Laurie Berezin - Jewelry Shop Lead -

Ross Ozer - Laser Shop Lead -

The following shops do not have a current shop lead, and any questions about them should be directed to

Prop Shop

Fiber Arts

Print Shop

Casting Shop

Powder Coating

Ventilated Room

Photo Studio