Shared Space Etiquette

Respect the Shared Space

  • Plan your storage needs in advance. If you need storage space, see the section on storage space below.
  • Put your trash in the dumpster
  • Only put leftover material in the scrap bin if you know it to be truly useful
  • Whether you’re finished for the day or just finished for now, clean up completely. Then clean up 10% more!

Tidy Space Policy
  • Our Tidy Space Policy helps us make sure our shared space stays fire code and ADA compliant, clean and safe. This policy covers etiquette and procedure when it comes to all of your stuff- incoming, in shared space and rental and storage space.

The Kitchenette
  • Tea, coffee and related beverages and accessories are member-stocked in MPR1.
  • Anything you leave out in the kitchen area will be considered common, including your dishes.
  • Treat this space like a shared kitchen with lots of roommates: it is expected that you clean your dishes immediately.

Fridge Etiquette

We have refrigerators in the Multipurpose Room 1. It is up to you to put your name and the date on your food (including frozen food)

  • Unlabeled, super old or stinky food will be thrown away without abandon or possibly turned into artwork.
  • If it’s unlabeled and looks delicious it might be considered fair game.

Trash and Recycling
  • With over 250 members, 150 spaces, and 168 hours a week we generate a lot of waste. In order for the system to work, all members need to be involved!
  • The Waste_disposal page has detailed information

Janitorial Closet
  • Need soap, paper goods, trash liners, cleaning supplies, a mop? Find this in MPR1
  • Pro-tip: Try Inmates friend - mix of Borax, sawdust and water. Already mixed in a bin - great for sweeping up the concrete floors! Really shines them up. Please re-fill when empty.

Flammables Storage

Artisan’s provides several flammables cabinets for members to safely store flammables. Take advantage of this resource and save space in your studio. If you do need to store flammables in your studio make sure they are in facilities approved containers.

Hazardous Waste Disposal

There are red bins in the Chemical Room / Ventilated Room that can be used for disposal of rags and other flammable materials.

Sheet Metal Refrigerator

There is a slot in the sheet storage for full sheets of metal to be stored before cutting down.

Scrap Bins & Curated Cruft

Our wood and metal scrap bins are prolific for scrap material to work on. We also have a Curated Cruft area, a spot designated for people to leave items for free they no longer want but still may have a value to someone else. When at all possible rely on

Mail and Deliveries
  • As a member, you can receive mail, packages and freight shipments to our address.
  • See the Mail and Deliveries page for rules and instructions.