List and Operations Email Directory

While most of Artisan's Asylum uses our forums for member discussions, we do maintain a few active lists for announcements and reporting of tool breakage, etc.

Google Group Mailing Lists

All shops have a shop-users list, (or in some cases tool-operator lists), which you can subscribe to to get announcements related to that specific shop.  These lists are run on Google Groups, and they are specifically one way for shop leads to disseminate information when they want to report downtime or any shop maintenance announcements.  Some of these lists are opt-in, and you're welcome to join as a normal member.  However, certain lists like 3dPrinter-Operators are both controlled by the shop leads for tested-out members only, and subscription to these lists is mandatory if you're an active user of the tools within them.

The public opt-in list is Discuss, found here.  Though your messages will go through, membership requests must be reviewed by an admin, and are reviewed at least once a day.

The private list for members to discuss things amongst themselves is here, and like Discuss, membership requests are reviewed once per day.  Requests for this list are also checked against the current registered members in Club Automation, so if you're signing up from a different email, let us know your name so we can confirm you're a member.

Operations E-mail addresses.

A number of emails exist to connect members and non-members alike for maintenance, operations, and curiosity questions should the need arise.  These are listed below, and all of them go to

it@ - For general questions related to IT at the Asylum.

facilities@ - For general questions related to facilities management.

teach@ - For information and questions about classes and teaching at Artisan's Asylum.

maintenance@ - To put in maintenance requests.  These emails go to the shop leads, Facilities Manager, and IT manager.  In these emails, do your best to include as much information as possible so we can get it fixes as soon as possible!

member-services@ - To ask questions related to billing, space rental, storage rental, or other questions regarding membership.

jobs@ - To submit applications for Job Opportunities at the Asylum.