Covid-19 Response


There are a number of initiatives underway at A2 to use our fabrication skills to help out with the COVID crisis. See below for initiatives to create face masks, medical gowns, face shields, and more.

Overall Information Document

General Points of Contact

  • Production Operations:
    • Tim Butterworth
    • Spencer Lawrence
  • Hospital Communication:
    • Nicolas Warren
    • Please note that Nicolas should be the ONLY person currently reaching out to hospitals for information!
  • Communications (External and A2 Internal):
    • Lars Torres and Natasha Yetman
  • Volunteer Coordination and Information:
    • Karen Cornish
  • Packaging, Shipping and Fulfilment Lead:
    • Ross

General Information


Sanitation Efforts

This could use its own wiki page! Are you the right person to make it one??

  • Write operating procedures for sanitizing and sanitary manufacturing
  • Written Documentation
  • Youtube videos (need footage, Steven Hawes has offered to edit)
  • Wiki development and updating
  • research making UVC boxes (Simon Chase is leading this effort)

Material Sourcing

While designing, make sure to research materials properly. This includes:

  • Quantity needed
  • Proper material to use
  • Acceptable backups
  • Potential places to purchase material from

If you would like to help source materials contact Rebecca Knepple

ASTM Standards

Multi-topic designing groups to check out

Medical Gowns - Disposable

See: Disposable_Gowns

Medical Gowns - Reusable

See: Reusable_Gowns

Masks - Sewn At Home


This initiative is for home-sewn face masks ideal for personal use. Hospitals will take them, but we're exploring other options at a larger scale.

Point of Contact

Jay (Pastry Queen)

There is an email list to coordinate this effort! If interested in joining, email

Main Informational Page

Other Resources


Masks - Disposable


This initiative is to create double-sided cloth masks with a wire brim and elastic straps, using a custom jig to help manufacture them at a fast rate.

Point of Contact

Tim Butterworth

Main Informational Page

Other Resources

Other non-sewn mask ideas

Face Shields - Reusable


This initiative is to create re-usable face shields that protect the face and fit around other PPE.

Point of Contact

Nik Lal

Main Informational Page

Face Shields - Disposable


This initiative is to create disposable, low-cost face shields.

Point of Contact

Mike Shia

Main Informational Page

Other Resources

From A2 members, this message Friday 20 March 2020: [We are] producing the UWisc-Madison face shield ( We hope to have a few samples made today or tomorrow (depends on UPS getting materials to us in a timely fashion). These mask samples will then be sent to BMC and other places to see if they are acceptable for medical use. If this design is accepted, we hope to scale up on production. At that time we will ask for your help to make this happen.