About Artisan's Asylum

Welcome to membership at Artisan’s Asylum! Founded in 2010, this community’s purpose is to provide the tools and the inspiration makers need. Since the beginning, we’ve been a member-run organization that places strong value on inclusion and transparency. As a not-for-profit, at any one time we have only maintain a staff of three or four, none of whom, as it turns out, is a janitor. For more, see Our History

Members keep Artisan’s Asylum running. We staff the front desk, service the machines, hold the free workshops, build the workbenches, vote in the board and bylaw elections, and march under the banner in parades. Your responsibility: joyfully participate! Start by keeping the shops, social area, multipurpose rooms, and kitchenette cleaner than you found them.

About this Guide

This guide is meant to help you get acclimated to our space and our community. Members made this guide to help you find the resources and information you need to make the most of the opportunities in our community. It is not a rulebook or policy document, nor does it cover everything. For example, there are still specific shop safety rules you must learn before working in the community shops, and situations you may find yourself in not covered by this guide. We hope that reading this will be the first in many steps for you to participate as fully as possible at Artisan’s Asylum.

This guide is an additional resource that pairs best with the in person New Member Orientation session. Sign up for the next one here:

What's the Wiki?

The public wiki serves as a supplement to our website. This should be your primary source for information about the Asylum. What our policies are, how the space is maintained, what tools are available—all of these questions are answered in the public wiki. It is constantly updated to reflect our growing and changing organization. Anyone can read this wiki, but to edit a page you need to create an account.