Milling Machine Rubric

Identify the following tool features

  • Quill
  • Table
  • Vice
  • X, Y, Z handle
  • Table locks
  • Spindle on/off
  • Drawbar
  • Collets

Machine Safety: Identify and mitigate common hazards

  • Spinning/moving things - tools, spindles, tables, chips
  • Stationary things that could accidentally move - esp workpieces
  • Heavy things - vise/ rotary table, etc.
  • Sharp things - tools, chips, burrs on workpieces
  • Hot things - tools, chips, workpieces

Personal Protective Equipment

  • Knows what clothing and PPE should and should not be worn when operating the mill, such as:
    safety glasses, work gloves, rings, jewelry, open/closed toed shoes, long hair, long/short sleeves

Tool Selection

  • Select an appropriate cutting tool (i.e. end mill) for a basic task
  • Understand how tool properties like flute count, tool diameter, tool material, center-cutting, etc. affect correct tool selection and setup
  • Determine correct feeds, speeds
  • Identify climb vs. conventional milling and identify when one or the other is most appropriate

Allowable Materials

  • Can name three materials allowed on the mill.
  • Can name three materials that are not allowed on the mill

Safe Operation

  • Demonstrates proper work-holding.
  • Demonstrates milling procedures on a small piece of metal, a small pocket.
  • Demonstrates a proper tool change.
  • Demonstrates cleaning the table.

Limits of Knowledge

  • Demonstrates awareness of limits of own knowledge, and can identify when and where to seek additional information or help