Tool Review and Testing: Rolling Mill

Know the tool features:

☐ Cloth cover is removed only when rolling mill is in use.
☐ Only use the rolling mill with copper, brass, silver, or gold, and natural or synthetic fibers from the provided box. NO STEEL OR ALUMINUM. 
☐ Metal must be dry to avoid rust formation on rollers.
☐ Do not touch the rollers with your fingers as our natural oils can corrode the rollers.

Demonstration of Operation:

☐ Tie back hair, remove or secure loose clothing/jewelry
☐ Anneal metal first. Pickle, rinse, then thoroughly dry your metal.
☐ Tighten the rollers to the height of your metal, then turn counterclockwise to tighten just enough to create imprint with material. Not too tight or it will thin metal or you may not even be able to to crank lever.
☐ Return cloth cover when finished.