Tool Review and Testing: Overview and Scheduling

Tool Review: In one 2- to 3-hour session, students will get up to speed on our particular shop procedures and layout, as well as a review of safe use of the air-acetylene torches, forming tools, flex shafts, and polishing machine.

Tool Testing: At least one week after the Tool Review session, you may complete your individual Tool Test with the instructor, by appointment. Successfully passing the Tool Test is required before being able to work independently in our Jewelry Shop.

Those who are new to jewelry-making or metalsmithing must take Jewelry 101 first. Because this class does not teach jewelry-making skills, prior jewelry-making experience is necessary (whether you are a self-taught beginner or a professionally-trained metalsmith). Students must be at least 18 years old.

How to schedule: During the Covid-era, rather than scheduling monthly Tool Review classes we will be holding by appointment sessions only (for the same price as the class, $95 with test included). Contact the jewelry shop lead (jewelry-lead at to inquire about scheduling a review and test.