Tool Review and Testing: Metal Shear

Know the tool features:

☐ Only use the metal shear to cut copper, brass, silver, or gold. NO STEEL OR ALUMINUM. 
☐ Only use the metal shear to cut 18g/1.0mm or thinner (20g, 22g, etc) - there is a B&S gauge in the island if you need to measure your metal
☐ If your metal's width exceeds the depth of the metal shear, cut half from each direction
☐ Position your metal at the rear, smallest opening in the jaws for best performance
☐ NO MESH materials may be cut on the metal shear because interrupted cuts and areas of work-hardening damage the blades

Demonstration of Operation:

☐ Don goggles
☐ Make sure no one is walking behind you who may be hit with the long handle
☐ Cut a piece of sheet metal
☐ Cut a piece of wire with shear
☐ Cut a piece of sheet longer than the length of the blades