Tool Review and Testing: Forming Bench

Know features of the following tools:

☐ Commercial Hammer
☐ Watchmaker's Hammer
☐ Planishing Hammer 
☐ Rawhide Mallet 
☐ Delrin Mallet 
☐ Dapping Punches
☐ Disc Cutters
☐ Stamps
☐ Mandrels
☐ Bench vise
☐ Draw Plate
☐ Black-handled Shears (for 22g or thinner metal)

Demonstrate Safe Operation:

☐ Know what hammer may be used for dapping block, disc cutter, or stamps
☐ How to use the dapping block (anneal metal first)
☐ How to use the disc cutter (punches must be cutting side down)
☐ Knows how to hold a mandrel in a bench vise