Tool Review and Testing: Buffing Machine

Know the following tool features:

☐ Buffs & Grinding Wheels
☐ Switches
☐ Tightening Screws
☐ Polishing Compounds
☐ Air filter

Demonstrate Safe Operation:

☐ Tie back hair, remove or secure loose clothing/jewelry
☐ Don goggles
☐ Load a buff onto the machine
☐ Apply polishing compound
☐ Show the safe zone for buffing
☐ Remove a buff from the machine
☐ Show how to polish a ring
☐ Demonstrate grinding wheel use
☐ Clean up

General Knowledge:

☐ Knows why polishing chain is not permitted
☐ Knows the differences between Tripoli, Rouge, and Zam
☐ Knows what metals can be used on the buffing machine (NO STEEL, NO ALUMINUM)
☐ Knows proper attire to use the buffing machine
☐ Knows the symptoms of a buffer not adequately drawing air
☐ Knows what to do if someone is acting unsafely