Tool Review and Testing: Acetylene Torch

Know the following tool features:

☐ Regulator Key
☐ Tank pressure dial
☐ Line pressure dial
☐ Y or 3 way adaptor
☐ Ventilation

Demonstrate Safe Operation:

☐ Discuss emergency procedures, locate fire extinguisher
☐ Don goggles 
☐ Make sure all torches connected to tank are closed
☐ Turn on tank properly (first turn tank valve handwheel couterclockwise 1/4 turn, then turn the adjusting screw clockwise until line pressure dial reads 8-10psi)
☐ Anneal two pieces of metal
☐ Change torch tip
☐ Troubleshoot a torch that is not working or has excessive line pressure
☐ Turn off tank, bleed lines by lighting torch, back out regulator adjusting screw