Jewelry Shop Overview

What is the Jewelry Area?

This category includes pages that talk about jewelry whether or not metalsmithing is involved.

The Jewelry Studio is a fully functional studio for jewelry/metalsmithing. Weekly classes, weekend workshops, and private instruction is available. The studio is available for member use after tool testing is completed.

Be sure to check the class schedule for jewelry to ensure the area is available for use. A summary of current and upcoming jewelry classes may be found here.

The Jewelry area provides tools to fabricate jewelry (embellishment and adornment), sculpture, and practical objects.

Treat tools and equipment carefully and put them back, clean, where you found them so they will be there next time!

Metalsmithing is the fabrication of small objects using the tools within Jewelry, although the finished objects are not necessarily jewelry items. Jewelry generally means anything that exists for adornment.

If you're interested in most CNC operations or plan to work with larger chunks of metal, check out machining and welding.

Common Metalsmithing Skills



  • Buffing station with hooded exhaust (tapered mandrels, some buffs/compounds available)
  • 6" bench shear for non-ferrous metals includes round-stock shearing hole
  • 4" flat rolling mill

  • 4" wire rolling mill
  • 7 benches, each with a kit of hand tools
  • 7 Acetylene/air torches (Smith brand with #0 and #1 tips)
  • 1 Smith Little Torch with various tips (Oxygen/Acetylene)
  • 7 Flex-shaft machines with foot controls and #30-style hand pieces
  • Drill press with dedicated flex-shaft
  • Pumice pans and fire brick for soldering/annealing
  • Orion Pulse Arc Welder
  • Enameling Kiln and tools
  • Casting and Molding tools
    • Mold Vulcanizer & Mold Frames
    • Wax Injector
    • Crucibles
    • Casting Kiln
    • Electric Melter
  • Electric pickle pot
  • Jeweler's saw frames
  • Bench pins
  • Pliers and cutters
  • Small general purpose vise
  • Metal Forming Table
    • Anvil (50lb)
    • Vise
    • Specialty Hammers/Mandrels
    • Steel Forming Plates
  • Hydraulic Press
  • Disc cutters: round, square and oval
  • Steel and wood dapping block and daps
  • Large heat-resistant work area with exhaust hood
  • A forming area with a variety of small anvils, blocks, hammers, mallets and punches
  • Library of books and journals


Consumables Provided

  • Acetylene
  • Wet/Dry Sandpaper
  • Flux
  • Polishing compound and wheels
  • Liquids: acetone, denatured alcohol, pickle, ultrasonic
  • Soldering Pads
  • Pencils
  • Rolling Mill textures (feel free to add to our collection - no metal materials please).


Consumables Not Provided

  • Solder
  • Metal
  • Saw blades
  • Bits and burrs for the flex-shaft machines, though a miscellaneous assortment may be available at any given time.


Buying Consumables

We have a small box of supplies for sale: solder, drill bits, saw blades, etc. Prices and directions for payment are in the box with the consumables.