Jewelry Area Etiquette

  • Schedule your time in advance via Skedda; a two-hour maximum may be booked, with a 30 minute buffer in between time slots
  • Take care of tools, use them properly and do not damage tools
  • Be careful with water! While water is mandatory for many jewelry processes, it can ruin steel tools. Keep things dry.
  • Do not work on steel or aluminum in the area -- ever!
  • Pay attention to the maximum material thicknesses and types when using tools, especially cutting and bending tools.
  • Ask others if you are uncertain about tool operation. DO NOT USE if you are not certain how to use a tool safely/properly.
  • Do not put broken tools back. Leave them out with a note for Shop Lead.
  • Before leaving your workspace for the day, you must do the following:
    1. sanitize all shared tools for COVID safety (breakdown here)
    2. put all 11 tools away in toolbox
    3. sweep workbench top
    4. empty workbench sweeps drawer
    5. replace water in quench bowl
    6. turn off electric striker
    7. turn off fume exhaust fan
    8. turn off bench light
    9. close acetylene tank
    10. drain torch lines and close torch knob
    11. back out acetylene regulator handle
    12. vacuum polishing machine (if used)

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