Dec 2020 Elections: Meet the Candidates

On this page you'll find information about all of the candidates running in the Dec 2020 Elections. Candidates can update their statements if they wish to address an issue which was not originally discussed. You may use the wiki function (history) to see what changes have been made over time. Issues may come up which they wish to comment on, and this page can be a place for them to refine commentary on topics, or explain positions. You may see their initial statements by viewing the page as it appeared on TBD (This should prevent the "Monday, peanut butter is amazing; Wednesday, peanut butter is evil, problem.") The voters-discuss mailing list is the place for more fluid discussions; people can subscribe to via the usual method of sending a blank message to "".

For original candidate statements, use the history tab to see previous versions of this page. Note the author may be different than the candidate, for it may be populated by someone else.

Candidates for Board of Directors

Ebbe Dahlor

I am seeking a board position as an artist who would like to help more artists become involved in the A2 community. Since I first joined in 2016, Artisan's Asylum has led me to opportunities that I would not have had otherwise. I am passionate about accessibility and sharing resources with other artists and members of my community.

Halley Murray

I'm interested in running for either position of Board of Directors or Member Liaison. I'm a maker, illustrator, art teacher and community organizer for white reparations to African people with the Uhuru Solidarity Movement. I am interested in meeting all the members of the Artisan's Asylum and listening to perspectives of how to make our space more accessible to foster creativity for the wider community. My passion is to support black-led, anti-colonial self-determination programs through the art I make and skills I have and access to resources such as those within the Artisan's Asylum building and greater network. I look forward to learning how A2 operates as both a community makerspace and a non-profit business, and how to make everything that our space offers more accessible and productive for all.

Candidates for Member Liaison