2020 Dec Election - Info for Potential Candidates

We are looking for people to take leadership roles at the Asylum! As part of Dec 2020 Elections we will be electing:

  • One director (board member)  - term of 2 years.
  • One member liaison - term of 1 year.

Descriptions of these positions are here:

Board Member:


Member Liaison:

Candidate Application Process

To apply to be a candidate in this election, for each position you wish to run for:

  • Send some basic information to the election commissioner, election-commissioner [at] artisansasylum.com

Submit a petition.  This can be done one of two ways:

  • Print out the petition () and get it signed by ten eligible voters
  • Get emails and phone numbers of ten eligible voters that support your candidacy, and send them to the election commissioner (election-commissioner [at] artisansasylum.com). These folks will be contacted and your candidacy will be verified.

To apply to be a candidate, send the following basic information:

with the subject line:

Candidate for Artisans Asylum - [Position] - [Your Name]

where ‘Position’ is the desired position, and ‘Your Name’ is your full name.

Send this information to: election-commissioner [at] artisansasylum.com

You will receive an email that we have received your submission of this form.

You will need to gather AT LEAST 10 signatures from Asylum members who are eligible to vote. This petition is available here:


or, as noted above, you may assemble the emails and phone numbers of ten eligible voters that support your candidacy, and send them to the election commissioner election-commissioner@artisansasylum.com.

Who can sign your petition?

According to the bylaws (https://bookstack.artisansasylum.com/books/governance/page/by-laws), you're eligible to vote:

3.2 Voting Members. Voting Membership in the Corporation is determined on a month-to-month basis, and shall include any member who has timely paid the monthly membership fee for the current month in addition to the previous five (5) consecutive months (“Voting Membership Threshold Requirement”). If a Voting Member loses his or her voting rights by failing to meet the Voting Membership Threshold Requirement but has not been terminated per Section 3.4 below, they may regain those rights once they again meet said Requirement.

Institutional memberships receive only one vote. Who casts that vote is up to the Institution to decide, and should be reported to the Election Commissioner by the person who pays that Institution's bills.

Feel free to print a couple sheets if convenient or if you'd like to collect some extra signatures just case some are unreadable or turn out not from eligible voters. If you have a question about someone's voter eligibility, contact the Election Commissioner.

Members can sign multiple petitions.

Both items must be submitted on or before Wednesday, November 25, 2020 6 PM . To submit the printed petition, give it to a front desk worker or to the Election Commissioner.

Once your (minimum of) ten collected signatures to place your name on the ballot have been verified as eligible voters, you will be notified that your candidacy is valid, and this information will be placed on a publicly viewable wiki page.

Printed petitions for all candidates may be reviewed by appointment with the election commissioner after the submission deadline.

In spite of penmanship being a lost art, and that we are all digital creatures, please, for the love of all that is decent in this world, HAVE MEMBERS PRINT NEATLY. Your official signature can be creative, but it has always been difficult to decipher many of the petitions.


See https://bookstack.artisansasylum.com/books/governance/page/2020-dec-election---overview.

A candidate may remove themselves from the ballot by notifying the Election Commissioner in writing (paper or email) before the election starts.