Trash and Recycling Policy



??? With over 450 members, 177 spaces, and open 168 hours a week, we generate a lot of waste. When getting rid of waste, please try to recycle first. This is a member intensive process. ALL waste is generated by you, the Artisan's Asylum member. Artisan's Asylum has a few systems in place to handle shared waste. In order for the system to work, members need to be involved.


We generate a large amount of trash one burrito wrapper at a time. You may only be putting one item in, but if the trash is full, take it out. Trash pickup happens on Tuesday and Friday mornings.

Who is responsible for taking out the trash?

???? In short, you are. Artisan's Asylum does not have a cleaning crew or janitorial service. Members are expected to put full trash bags into the trash barge and, if the barge is full, they are expected to take the barge out to the L shaped lot and place the trash and/or recycling into the appropriate dumpsters. 

???? Trash bags are kept in the mop room in MPR 2 on the shelves. 

Trash: Pro Tips

In general, don't make it suck for yourself and your fellow members to take out the trash. Here are some pro-tips:

  • Do not overfill the trash cans or the large dumpster cart / tilt truck. If the lid won't close all the way completely flat, you put the trash at risk for being too heavy and potentially dangerous for the member who empties it, and leaves it open for fruit flies and rodents.
  • Do not put anything sharp in bagged trash. Wrap sharp things in cardboard and tape.
  • Do not overfill bags; keep in mind bagged trash needs to be lifted to shoulder height into the dumpster.
  • Do not put electronic waste in the trash or dumpster.
  • Do not put hazardous waste in the trash or dumpster.
  • Do not put paint in the dumpster without using a hardener powder for paint disposal. It's really cheap at home depot.

?????  Dumpster Location

The dumpster is located outside of the Asylum. To get to the dumpster, go out the front doors and turn right. Go to the L-shaped parking lot near Dane St.

We share a pallet/debris bin for large items, a dumpster for trash, and a single stream recyclables dumpster.

Map to Outside Trash

???? Trash Cart Location

We keep a large gray cart to help with taking out trash. It is located right outside of the wood shop. If you would like to put trash in it, please make sure it is bagged and tied up. Trash bags are available in the janitors closet. The janitors closet is in the MPR1 immediately to the left as you walk in the door. The best time to take this out is Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday mid day. This is everyone's responsibility.

Bulk Trash

If you have a large object or objects to dispose of, please bring them directly to the dumpster.

Perishable (food)

???  Only dispose of food the MPR1 trash can.


We strive to be a leave no trace facility. Please try to recycle items before throwing them out.

????? Mixed Stream Recycling

Curbside Pickup is scheduled for every Wednesday. Bins should be put out after 4:00 PM on Tuesday evening and, once empty, taken back in by 7:00 PM on Wednesday evening.

Items that can be recycled include:

  • Aseptic packaging: wax-covered or foiled line containers such as juice boxes can be placed in the recycle bin.
  • Aluminum cans
  • Aluminum foil: only completely clean foil can be recycled.
  • Books: paperback only (hardcover books are not recyclable).
  • Cans of compressed gas/air duster: ensure there is no compressed air or gas left in the can, then puncture it.
  • Bottles and containers: glass and plastic containers (#1-7, except Styrofoam).
  • Paper
  • Shredded Paper: can be placed with recycling if it stored in a clear see-through plastic bag.
  • Rigid Plastic: any other plastic item numbered 1-7, or items such as plastic toys, etc.


Please break down boxes and cut them into at most 3'X3' pieces prior to throwing them into the recycling bin to conserve space. DPW will take cardboard with the mixed stream recycling.


Please place scrap wood at the bin next to the entrance of the wood shop. Cut it up into small manageable pieces. Exceptionally useful, true, and undamaged scrap of linear wood (not sheet goods) can be sorted by length under the second workbench. We currently do not have a recycling option for wood. Please place all wood into the dumpster.


We have a scrap bin that is picked up periodically in the welding shop. Please make sure items are safely in the container.