Tidy Space Policy

Needs minor UPDATE !!!! 


Artisan's Asylum Tidyspace policy is inspired by Pumping Station One’s TidySpace Policy.

Why do we need a policy for having a tidy space?

With almost an acre of space, everything needs to be taken care of. The overview for the need of this set of guidelines is this: a single member leaves a single item in a shared space, like an aisle or the social area. If only you left a single item out, it would be OK. If our 450+ members and students who visit the Asylum each week all left a single thing out, we would be buried in stuff. We have requirements to maintain egress paths from the fire department. We have accessibility requirements from the ADA. We need to maintain a good faith effort of keeping our space clean.

Part of our income stream is from rentals of space and storage. By using shared space as storage without paying extra for it, you are taking advantage of all the members who are. We want the space to be clean when we show up, so it should be cleaner than you found it when you leave. You may be blocking wheelchair access to a resource, or blocking people from getting out of the building during an emergency.

The following guidelines are to keep shops usable and aisles clear.

Abandoned property

  • Things left around that are unlabeled are abandoned property. If you are leaving for more than a half hour, make sure you have labeled your project with a “Project in progress" note.
  • Small items may be found at the lost and found located UPDATE!!!! across the aisle from the metal shop. Large items may be moved to flex space near the machine shop or disposed of.
  • Valuables such as jewelry, keys and cell phones may sometimes be kept by the front desk.
  • Things that are look like trash will be thrown out (wood scraps, electronic parts, food, etc).

Parking tickets - Hot Orange Tag

  • This will be thrown out. Soon.
  • Parking tickets can be given out by ANYONE!
  • Items tagged with an Orange tag may be disposed of in as soon as 24 hours
  • Parking tickets notification will be sent out via e-mail to the shop e-mail list (woodworking@, metalwotking@, etc)

Parking pass - Neon green tag

  • Represent approval for projects or items to be stored in shared space for a limited amount of time.
  • Parking passes can be given out by salaried Asylum staff, Asylum officers, and volunteers designated by Asylum staff or officers.
  • At the end of the pass period, they will be converted to parking tickets for 24 hours

Project in process - Neon Yellow tag, random scrap of paper or cardboard.

  • Anyone can tag projects with a yellow tag.
  • If a yellow tag is not easily available, tag your project with any scrap of paper, cardboard or wood. You should include all of the following information.
    • Name
    • E-mail address
    • Phone number
    • Date and time project was tagged
    • Date and time of planned removal
    • Justification: why you are leaving this out (e.g. running to Tags for more screws). This helps other people understand why they shouldn't be annoyed that you're using up shared space.
  • This tag should not be used for more than 24 hours. If you need to keep the items longer, contact member-services@ to rent flex space.

Incoming stuff

  • For basic Mail Area information, see:   UPDATE!!!! http://wiki.artisansasylum.com/index.php/Mail_and_Deliveries
  • We have a volunteer-run parcel receiving process. The volunteers spend 1-2 hours per day receiving packages and sending out notifications. If you appreciate them receiving packages during the day for you, spend some time volunteering for the community.
  • We have a loading dock. It can accept dock height trucks. You need to either be present or make arrangements with another member to receive the delivery. Leaving things on the loading dock is not cool.
  • Plan deliveries around projects. If you are bringing in 20 sticks of 2 inch tube for a project next week, have a plan to cut it up the day it comes in. Do not expect to use a cart in the aisle for storage for a week.
  • If you bring things in, take it off the cart and return the cart once you get to the workshop you are in.
  • Take care of your shipping materials, like boxes, pallets, and foam. Pallets should be cut up. Cardboard should be broken down and go in the recycling bin by the loading dock. Everything else should be disposed of based on our waste policy.

Outgoing stuff

  • We are not a daily pick-up location for any carrier. Be sure to make appropriate arrangements, especially on deadlines
  • Parcel outgoing shipping should be organized, not just a heap.

Moving other peoples stuff

  • If you come across a project that is in an aisle or other shared space, look around to see whose it is. If no one is around, a note should be present. If no one around knows anything about the project and you need the resource, please be respectful if you need to move it.
  • Respecting other people's projects is the right thing to do. Treat them better than you would want your own project treated.
  • If you can put the project in a box or container to keep things together, that is best.
  • If you know whose project it is, try contact them. If not, you could send an email to  UPDATE !!!! inmates@artisansasylum.com.


Q: I left a thing in a shop two weeks ago and it is now missing, where is it?

A: It has probably been discarded.

Q: How do I keep my things from getting tossed or damaged?

A: Put them away and clean up before you leave.


Cruft: that which magically masses on all available horizontal surfaces with seemingly no origin or owner. In other words, rubbish. It is a problem for us as an institution and we need to periodically purge as individuals and as an organization.

Hoarding: a general term for a behavior that leads people to accumulate food or other items.