Artisan's Asylum Public Email list groups

Here is a list of public Email list groups at Artisan's Asylum. To join a group, click on the link shown, with "Subscribe" in the subject line. The list owner will then approve or reject list membership.

3D Printer Operators

Allston Outreach Team

Introduce the Asylum to the Allston-Brighton community. Share our story while connecting to artists, hobbyists, entrepreneurs, and others in the community. Gather ideas about ways Artisan’s can better respond to community needs and be of service in our new home.

Allston Public Art

Help to define the physical presence of the Asylum through the use and placement of public art across our property. This includes murals, sculpture, gathering spaces, wayfaring signage and other tools for placemaking on the site over time.

Artisan's Asylum Members

A place for members to say hello, share tips and tricks, and let one another know about upcoming events and community news.

Bikeshop Users


Electronics and Robotics Shop Users

Have It Made

Health and Safety

Advises core staff on matters of community concern with regards to health and safety at the Asylum including - but not limited to - Covid transmission mitigation, air quality, volatiles and flammables, and electrical safety. Supports the development of appropriate policies.

Jewelry Shop Users

Lasercutter Operators

Machine Shop Users

Membership Futures Team

Advise the development of a fair and sustainable membership model that advances a simple and effective framework for member access to Artisan’s services. This includes monthly membership, studio and storage access, and scholarships.

Metal Shop Users

Metalshop Testers

Email list for Metal Shop Tool Testing

Move Planning Team

Advise and socialize the move planning process with key staff. Provide input on relevant planning documents, help to communicate those documents and key dates, and help to mobilize member volunteers to pick up work that falls outside the organization’s mandate.

Photo Studio Users

Print Shop Users

Shop Users

Shopbot Operators

Space Design

Provide input into the arrangement of studios and common areas across both buildings comprising Artisan’s new home. This includes design, construction and customization standards for studio spaces.

Welcome at Artisans

Work with staff and the board to define ways to ensure that Artisan’s Asylum is the most vibrant and inclusive space we can be. Support the intentional development of end-to-end experiences that foster positive experiences for members and visitors of all walks of life.

Woodshop Users