Reservations are required to use the tools in the shop!

                This is to track tool usage for maintenance purposes and to help control the spread of COVID

Reservation Website:

New Users:

  1. Sign up for an account by contacting
  2. New users will not be able to see digital fabrication in Skedda until they are cleared for shop usage.

Notes on the software and how to use for Digi Fab:

  1. When you are physically in the shop, (starting prints, slicing parts, taking parts off the bed and post processing), you MUST book the "digital fabrication" space. This is for helping to control the spread of COVID
    1. If you are using the 3D scanner or the vinyl cutter, booking the tool is sufficient (you do not need to book both in this case).
  2. HOWEVER, when you are 3D printing you must book the specific printer that you are using for the entire length of the printer.
    1. The software does not allow bookings from midnight to 6am. If your print goes into that window, please write down the proper print time in the “notes section”
    2. You can book more than 3 hours at a time!

How to use the site (general overview):

  1. Confirm that the printer you want to use is free by using the arrows on the right to scroll until you see the printer and using the arrows on the left to choose the correct date
  2. Making a reservation
    1. Click on the “+” to create a reservation

    2. Choose the printer you want to use first (this will allow you to reserve the time for as long as you need to)

    3. Choose the date and time for the reservation (make sure to reserve the machine for as long as the print will take)

    4. Confirm the booking

  3. Cancelling Bookings
    1. You can cancel a booking prior to the start of the booking

    2. Once a booking has started, you can end it early in order to “cancel” it.