General Rules

General Shop Rules

  1. You must reserve your print/ shop time using Skedda (see reservation rules)! 
  2. Clean up after yourself.
    1. Clean up all filament "stringers," broken off support, excess vinyl, etc
    2. Put things back where you found them!
    3. For the formlabs, clean up the printing area with IPA
    4. COVID UPDATE: clean off all surfaces that you touched with an IPA or Clorox wipe (do not use Clorox on the printers!)
  3. DO NOT TRY TO FIX ANY TOOLS UNLESS YOU HAVE BEEN TRAINED TO DO SO! If you want to learn how to fix the tools email
  4. If something breaks Don’t Panic! Just tag the machine out with a red tag and email and and describe in detail what happened. Pictures are helpful too! You are not financially responsible for anything and it will be fixed by people who are trained to do so. 
    1. If you are cleared to do maintenance, log your maintenance activities on the paper log in the shop.
    2. Use the orange/red tags to mark machines that are broken
    3. Use the light green tags to tag any filament that is not shop filament. 
  5. There are SD cards in Digi Fab. Feel free to use them but please return them after use! 

Printing Rules

  1. You must be trained on all tools before use. Please sign up for a class or contact to arrange training.
  2. For printer bed cleaning: DO NOT POUR ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL ON THE BED DIRECTLY. Pour some on a paper towel first or use an IPA wipe. 
  3. For the markforged: Don't forget to clean the bed off with a wet sponge after use
  4. For filament usage on the flashforges, Prusa and Tazs:
    1. Please use the filament provided in the shop. Unless you are an Advanced user you must use the filament listed below
      2. If we run out of filament please email
      3. If you plan on printing a lot, or need a specific color, please purchase the following for each machine: 
        1. For the flashforge:
          1. Atomic PLA 1.75 mm
        2. For the Prusa
          1. Prusament Filament (PLA or PETG only!): 
        3. For the Taz
          1. 3mm ABS or PLA from Village Plastics (other brands are also ok but itm ust be 3mm ABS, PLA or PETG ONLY).
        4. Use the light green tags to tag any filament that is not shop filament.
      4. If you want to use other filament, email to arrange a meeting to become an advanced user.
      5. Should the printer break due to using unapproved filament, you will be financially responsible for fixing the printers. This includes being an unauthorized user who writes a bad program and ruins the printer.
  5. For filament usage on the Markforged
    1. All filament and fibers are provided (please do not buy your own).
    2. We only use ONYX in the shop.
    3. Fibers: Fiberglass, Kevlar, Carbon Fiber, HSHT Fiberglass
      1. Please do not change the fibers or filament unless you have been specifically cleared to do so by the shop lead, If you want to learn how, email to arrange a meeting
  6. For the Formlabs
    1. TBD
  7. For the Stratasys
    1. TBD

Rule Zero: Don't make us make a rule.