Business Email - Getting Work Done

Figuring out who to reach about what and when and how can be a challenge at the Asylum. Here are a few hot tips.

  1. Email (Go to, must have communication tools)
    • gets you the friendly folks who tend to the front desk. They're a font of knowledge about the Asylum, and tend to important and helpful tasks like mail sorting.
    • will get you the Executive Director. Handy for big picture ideas, feedback and support. Not always the fastest, but certainly a good place to write about collaboration or out of frustration.
    • is our Director of Facilities and Shops Operations. Reach out if you encounter a failing system, shortage of supplies, or you have questions about shop operations, studios and storage.
    • is like tech support. For everything from help accessing our network to reporting wifi outages and glitches. Also a great place to hit up for special requests like sandbox testing and VPN support.
    • gets you answers to general support questions that include billing, membership change requests, new member orientations, and general "how to" kinds of things.
    • reaches our Director of Education. Especially helpful during Covid-19 for scheduling one-on-one training and testing sessions. Also a great place to pitch your class ideas.