Communication, Networking and IT- UPDATE !!!!

As much happens online at the Asylum as happens in our shops. This has been made more true during these Covid-19 times. To help you navigate to the spaces and tools where you can learn, connect and share online, we've put together this guide of our email lists, forums, and third party tools.

Business Email - Getting Work Done

Figuring out who to reach about what and when and how can be a challenge at the Asylum. Here are a few hot tips.

  1. Email (Go to, must have communication tools)
    • gets you the friendly folks who tend to the front desk. They're a font of knowledge about the Asylum, and tend to important and helpful tasks like mail sorting.
    • will get you the Executive Director. Handy for big picture ideas, feedback and support. Not always the fastest, but certainly a good place to write about collaboration or out of frustration.
    • is our Director of Facilities and Shops Operations. Reach out if you encounter a failing system, shortage of supplies, or you have questions about shop operations, studios and storage.
    • is like tech support. For everything from help accessing our network to reporting wifi outages and glitches. Also a great place to hit up for special requests like sandbox testing and VPN support.
    • gets you answers to general support questions that include billing, membership change requests, new member orientations, and general "how to" kinds of things.
    • reaches our Director of Education. Especially helpful during Covid-19 for scheduling one-on-one training and testing sessions. Also a great place to pitch your class ideas.

Online Tools and Apps - Transactions and Coordination


Online tools (Our work depends on these tools)

Social Media - Spreading the Word

Social Media (These tools are nice to have for us)