Artisan's to Allston Overview

In this section you'll find an introduction to our phased move process as well as a list of member teams responsible for inform...

Bike Shop/ SCUL

Building 8 Meeting Room

Communication, Networking and IT

As much happens online at the Asylum as happens in our shops. This has been made more true during these Covid-19 times. To help...

Digital Fabrication

Electronics and Robotics

soldering, resistors, capacitors, random ICs, multimeters, oscilloscopes, wire galore, connectors oh, and be careful with tin-l...

Email Lists and Groups

See what Artisan's Asylum Email lists are available and learn how to join them

Facilities Information

General Overview

A summary of the big areas of activity, and how to get involved.


Artisan's Asylum is incorporated in the state of Massachusetts. We are recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organiza...

Instructor Handbook

Jewelry and Metalsmithing

Laser Shop

Machine Shop

The Machine Shop at the Artisan's Asylum

Member Handbook

A guide for current members. Updated with new policies and procedures as they are implemented.

Membership Futures

A place to gather, refine and share ideas about membership structure, fees, and add-ons such as studios, storage and other amen...

Membership Nitty Gritty

Metal Casting