Bike Shop/ SCUL

Building 8 Meeting Room

Communication, Networking and IT

As much happens online at the Asylum as happens in our shops. This has been made more true during these Covid-19 times. To help...

Design and Planning

A place to gather, refine and share ideas related to the design and buildout of our new home.

Digital Fabrication

Electronics and Robotics

soldering, resistors, capacitors, random ICs, multimeters, oscilloscopes, wire galore, connectors oh, and be careful with tin-l...

Facilities Information


Artisan's Asylum is incorporated in the state of Massachusetts. We are recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organiza...

Instructor Handbook

Jewelry and Metalsmithing

Laser Shop

Machine Shop

It's the machine shop

Member Handbook

A guide for current members. Updated with new policies and procedures as they are implemented.

Membership Futures

A place to gather, refine and share ideas about membership structure, fees, and add-ons such as studios, storage and other amen...

Membership Nitty Gritty

Metal Casting

Metal Shop

Move Planning

A place for the Move Planning Team to gather, refine and share resources. The team can be reached at: